Top 10 Personal Loans

We will provide you with all the information you need to know about the often confusing world of personal loans. Identify the personal loan that suits you the best from our list of the top providers on the market. Compare rates and terms, and apply for a personal loan today.

Loan Amount Up to $1000
  • Streamlined access to multiple lenders
  • Fast funding
  • Automated repayments
9.6 Our Score
Loan Amount Up to $15000
  • A large network of lenders
  • All credit types welcome


9.4 Our Score
Loan Amount Up to $1000
  • Application process within a 5 minute
  • Network of lenders


9.2 Our Score
Loan Amount Up to $5000
  • Next-day funding
  • Highly trustworthy with an excellent reputation
  • Excellent for bad credit
9.0 Our Score
Loan Amount Up to $35000
  • Quick and convenient
  • No collateral necessary
8.8 Our Score
Loan Amount Up to $5000
  • Receive approval and funding in 24 to 48 hours
  • Strong customer data security
  • Great loan amounts
8.6 Our Score
Loan Amount Up to $35000
  • No credit check required
  • Get your cash quickly
  • Loan transparency
8.5 Our Score
Loan Amount Up to $5000
  • Simple application process 100% online
  • Money sent as soon as the next day
  • Ability to choose automatic ACH repayments for peace at mind
8.3 Our Score
Loan Amount Up to $5000
  • Apply Online in 5 Minutes
  • Sign for your Loan & Collect Your Funds
  • Repay Your Loan Easily
8.0 Our Score
Loan Amount Up to $5000
  • Available online 24/7
  • Active 256-bit encryption technology
  • Consumers of all credit types are supported
7.9 Our Score

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Whether you’re needing background information on what personal loans entail, looking for the best personal loan deal available, or need to know what you need to do in order to qualify for a personal loan, all of the key data and knowledge you need is collated here.

We have covered every possible base with personal loans in order to ensure that you can walk away from this website fully informed, and ready to move forward with your personal loan decision.

What is a Personal Loan?

A personal loan is an amount of credit that is loaned to a named borrower by a provider. This quantity of money will be unsecured, meaning that no collateral or down payments are required in order to qualify for personal loans. Many people who opt for personal loans also have outstanding debt and are attracted to them due to their competitive interest rates in comparison to such solutions as credit cards.

As the market has diversified and become more competitive, personal loans now cost considerably less money to service in interest terms than was the case even just a few years ago.

What is an APR?

This refers to an annual percentage rate and is essentially the money that you will pay on top of that which you are loaned. It consists of charges, fees, and interest, combining to create a total of everything that you will pay during a 12-month period. APR differs from one lender to another, but the lower that this number is the less that you will ultimately pay back.

Repayment Example

If you were to take out a loan of $10,000, over a period of 60 months, at a fixed rate of interest at 5%, with annual fees of $60, then your overall rate of APR would be 3.3%. Monthly repayments would amount to $180.80, and the total amount paid back over the lifetime of the loan would be $10,848.

How much can I borrow?

This can vary greatly depending on the lender, and your financial circumstances, and even the overall economic position of the nation in which you reside. All kinds of regulations and guidance ultimately contribute toward the amount that individuals can borrow, while lenders will also look at your creditworthiness.

What you need to do from a personal position is make sure that any loan you take on board is not too heavy for your personal circumstances. Ensure that you can comfortably make the monthly repayments, and you won’t go too far wrong. The same would apply to the loan term. Generally, it is best to take the shortest loan period possible, but you should diligently calculate the amount in monthly repayments that any personal loan will require you to make.

Terms and Conditions

All loan terms can differ based on the purpose, amount, duration, and credit profile. Your credit file will also influence whether or not your loan will be unsecured or secured. All loans are subject to credit approval, with terms, conditions and limitations applying. Advertised rates and terms are subject to change without notice.